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American Public Power Association Individual and Utility Awards

Alex Radin Distinguished Service Award

2017 winners

  • Paula DiFonzo, Past Chair of American Public Power Association Board of Directors, (Retiring) CEO, New Braunfels Utilities, New Braunfels, Texas
  • Gil C. Quiniones, President and CEO, NYPA, White Plains, New York

James D. Donovan Individual Achievement Award

2017 winners 

  • Phillip “Doc” Mueller, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs & Management Services, Illinois Municipal Electric Agency, Springfield, Illinois
  • Anthony T. Ward, Retired General Manager Grand Rapids Public Utilities Commission, Grand Rapids, Minnesota 

Alan Richardson Statesmanship Award

2017 winner

  • Mike VinsonExecutive Director, Tennessee Municipal Electric Power Association, Brentwood, Tennessee

Larry Hobart 7 Hats Award

2017 winners

  • Johnnie Burns, Electric Superintendent/Water Distribution Superintendent, Village of Yellow Springs, Ohio
  • Ron Clodfelter, Electric Superintendent, Las Animas Municipal Light and Power, Las Animas, Colorado
  • Shawn Guidice, Utilities Superintendent, Rising Sun Municipal Utilities, Rising Sun, Indiana
  • Mike New, City Manager, City of Newberry, Florida
  • Dave Slezickey, City Manager, Kingfisher Power, Kingfisher, Oklahoma

Harold Kramer-John Preston Personal Service Award

2017 winners

  • Arthur J. (Grant) Lacerte, Jr., Vice President and General Counsel, Kissimmee Utility Authority, Kissimmee, Florida
  • Mike Willetts, Director of Safety and Training, Minnesota Municipal Utilities Association, Plymouth, Minnesota

Spence Vanderlinden Public Official Award

2017 winners

  • Stan Akers, Service Board Chairman, Peru Utilities, Peru, Indiana
  • Thomas A. Kuntz, Mayor of Owatonna, Minnesota Owatonna Public Utilities, Owatonna, Minnesota
  • Charles D. Lamb, Mayor, City of Edmond, and Board Chair, Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, Edmond, Oklahoma

Robert E. Roundtree Rising Star Award

2017 winner

  • Kyle Roadman, Manager, Power Resources, Emerald People's Utility District, Eugene, Oregon




Mark Crisson Leadership and Managerial Excellence Award

2017 Winners

  • Paul Beckhusen, Director, Coldwater Board of Public Utilities, Coldwater, Michigan
  • Ivan Henderson, Commissioner, Cleveland Public Power, Cleveland, Ohio

E.F. Scattergood System Achievement Award

2017 winners

  • Coldwater Board of Public Utilities, Coldwater, Michigan
  • Keys Energy Services, Key West, Florida
  • Lincoln Electric System, Lincoln, Nebraska

Community Service Award

2017 winners

  • Bristol Tennessee Essential Services, Bristol, Tennessee
  • Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Hamilton Department of Electric, Hamilton, Ohio
  • Tacoma Public Utilities, Tacoma, Washington

Industry Awards

The American Public Power Association recognizes excellence in electric utility operations and leadership with the most sought-after awards and honors in the national public power community. Mark the 2017 nomination deadlines on your calendar now and take time throughout the year to share your accomplishments and milestones with us. Winners are recognized at national Association events and conferences and showcased on our website, social media channels, and publications. Plus, winning an award raises your credibility with local press, policymakers, elected officials, and customers.

The Association believes in recognizing individuals and member utilities for significant contributions made to public power, and provides its members with many opportunities to earn deserved recognition through its annual award programs.

Receiving a national award from the American Public Power Association is a high honor that can be achieved by public power systems of all sizes and by individuals in various career stages. Please consider nominating commendable individuals and public power utilities for an Association award.

All nominations for the Association's major awards are reviewed and acted upon during the Legislative Rally in Washington, D.C.

The Awards Committee considers nominations for all individual awards and nominations for the E.F. Scattergood System Achievement Award and the Community Service Award.

Tips for Nominations

The deadline for Individual and Utility Awards is Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017.

You can view a full list of awards, their descriptions, and nomination forms here and here. For more information, contact the Association's Integrated Media and Communications Department at 202/467-2958.

  • Complete the appropriate nominating form with accurate information.
  • Be concise. Entries need not be lengthy for a nomination to have merit. Attach additional pages only if necessary.
  • Carefully review the eligibility and criteria requirements before completing a nomination form.
  • Submit only 8 1/2” x 11” materials that will reproduce well.
  • Submit no more than five pages of attachments with the nomination forms for the Community Service and E.F. Scattergood Awards.
  • Do not submit spiral-bound documents.
  • Do not submit any materials that need to be returned.
  • Do not submit photographs or scrapbooks. They will not be forwarded to the awards committees.
  • Do not send videotapes, CDs, DVDs, or audio-cassettes as part of your nomination packet.
  • Proofread your submission to ensure that the nominee’s name, title, and utility name are correct.

Individual Leadership Awards

Alex Radin Distinguished Service Award
Recognizes a utility official who has been active with the Association for at least 10 years and has demonstrated exceptional leadership and dedication to public power.

James D. Donovan Individual Achievement Award
Recognizes individuals who have made significant and sustained contributions to the electric utility industry and to public power.

Alan Richardson Statesmanship Award
Recognizes leaders who have worked tirelessly, on behalf of the Association, to forge consensus on national issues affecting public power.

Larry Hobart Seven Hats Award
Recognizes managers in utilities with fewer than 2,500 electric meters, who lead the way in seven areas — planning and design, administration, public relations, field supervision, accounting, human resources, and community involvement.

Harold Kramer-John Preston Personal Service Award
Recognizes member utility employees who have made significant contributions toward Association goals and have enhanced its national prestige.

Public Service Award
Recognizes exceptional leadership and contributions by public officials at the national or state level to advance the objectives of public power.

Spence Vanderlinden Public Official Award
Recognizes elected or appointed members of Association member utility boards or commissions or public power community mayors who have made contribution to the Association’s goals and prestige.

Robert E. Roundtree Rising Star Award
Recognizes a promising public power leader from an Association member utility with a $2,000 scholarship to attend Association Academy programs.

Mark Crisson Leadership and Managerial Excellence Award
Recognizes managers at any level of an Association member utility, joint action agency, or state or regional association who bring their organizations to new levels of excellence, lead by example, and inspire their employees and staff to improve processes, services, and operations.

Utility Service Awards

E.F. Scattergood System Achievement Award
Recognizes a utility that has enhanced the national prestige of the Association and public power through outstanding service to customer-owners.

Community Service Award
Recognizes a utility for “good neighbor” activities that demonstrate the commitment of the utility and its employees to enhancing the quality of life of the community it serves.

Excellence in Public Power Communications Awards
Celebrates excellence in public power communications, including web and social media, video, and print and digital. 

Honor Roll
Recognizes employees of Association member utilities who have made significant local contributions to public power.

Century Award
Recognizes Association member utilities that have provided electricity to their communities for 100 or more years.

Lineworker Recognition

15th Annual Lineworkers' Rodeo
May 15-16, 2015
Sacramento, California
Journeyman and apprentice lineworkers from across the country compete for recognition in five events at the annual Lineworkers Rodeo for public power utilities.

Research & Innovation Awards

DEED Award of Continued Excellence (ACE)
Recognizes a DEED member utility that has demonstrated commitment to the DEED program and its ideals, supporting R&D, improving energy efficiency, and investing in renewable resources.

DEED Energy Innovator Award
Recognizes an innovative utility program or project that has provided exceptional service to electricity customers or increased the efficiency of utility operations.

Safety & Reliability Awards

Safety Awards of Excellence
Submit by February 3, 2017

Recognizes utilities whose employees achieve a safe operational record over the course of the prior calendar year.

Reliable Public Power Provider (RP3) Designation
Recognizes public power utilities that demonstrate leading practices in reliability, safety, workforce development and system improvement.

Certificate Programs

Learn with the Associaton throughout the year and earn certification in