Every year, the DEED Board allocates grants up to $125,000 to DEED member utilities for their research and $4,000 and $5,000 student research grants and internships to university students.  Read about these DEED opportunities and other funding sources.

PROJECT DATABASE (Log-in Required)
The DEED project database is the repository of information on hundreds of outstanding research projects funded by DEED. Search this unparalleled database to learn what other public power utilities like yours have done. Discover how you can replicate the success of research projects in real life and get ideas for projects you can conceive and submit for DEED funding.

The Award of Continued Excellence (ACE) and the Energy Innovator Award (EIA) are two prestigious awards that the DEED program gives out in recognition of a member utility’s contribution to improving the energy services of the public power sector.

DEED IDEA EXCHANGE (Log-in Required)
Submit your innovative ideas and find a project partner! The DEED Idea Exchange enables APPA’s corporate members and APPA’s DEED members to connect to create innovative projects with the potential for funding support via a DEED grant. Ideas submitted by corporate members will be passed on to DEED members and ideas submitted by DEED members will be passed on to APPA’s corporate members. We recommend only providing project details you are comfortable sharing with potential business partners in your submission.

Click here to fill out the form with your collaboration ideas. Please note this benefit is only available to corporate associate members and DEED members. Learn more about Corporate Membership, the DEED Program and DEED grants.

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Read the current DEED Digest, a newsletter issued on a quarterly basis to update readers on DEED projects, products, and related news. Check out the latest issue.

Check out the DEED Product Catalog that lists all products, publications, software, videos, DVDs, and courses that have been created as a result of DEED program grants and scholarships.

Understand the mission of DEED and the rules and procedures surrounding the program which include specifications about its Board, meetings, funding, dues, project requirements, awards, and products.

Did you know?
The "eta" eta is a Greek letter adopted by scientists to denote efficiency and is the symbol of the DEED program.


Meet the 12 members of the DEED Board of Directors who represent different regions around the United States.

Look up DEED member utilities. They are listed alphabetically by state.

All publicly owned utilities, joint action agencies, state and regional associations, and federal service contracts that are members of APPA are eligible to join the DEED program.

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The DEED program offers webinars throughout the year to its members free of charge. Webinar topics include recently completed DEED funded projects, helpful hints to applying for grants/scholarships, and information on current DEED funded projects. All of our webinars are posted through the link below and can be found in the DEED Project Database.

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