About the RP3 Review Panel

The RP3 Review Panel has 18 members. Six of the panel members are the officers on three APPA committees: Safety, Transmission & Distribution, and System Planning. The other twelve panel members are nominated by APPA’s chair of the Board of Directors. One panel seat represents either a joint action agency or state association.

Six panels seats are divided into groups of two that represent small, medium and large utility systems. The other five panel seats are representatives of: reliability, safety, system improvement, and human resources. Once elected to the panel, members serve two-year terms with the option of choosing to serve up to three terms. When there is a vacancy on the panel, a call for nominees is released in APPA’s Public Power Weekly newsletter. The panel meets in December each year to score and vote on the RP3 applications. The panel’s three-member executive committee handles any RP3-related items that may occur between panel meetings.

We are currently seeking nominations for an open position on the RP3 Panel. Nominations are due September 15th, 2017.

  • System Improvement Representative – Association members (any size). Should have a deep understanding of work system improvement at public power utilities. Familiarity with research and development programs, demand-side management, conference networking, system maintenance and betterment, system losses, and system planning is essential. Preference will be given to individuals who have not yet served on the RP3 Panel and who bring geographical diversity to the current Panel membership.

The System Improvement representative can serve for up to three two-year terms (for a total of six years), and is expected to attend three meetings per year: one in the spring and two in the winter.

To nominate someone, please click here to download the nomination form: 

Please direct any questions or completed nominations forms to RP3@PublicPower.org or call 202-467-2945. 

2017-2018 RP3 Review Panel

Small System Representatives
APPA members with less than 5,000 customers

Tom Russo
Lowell Light & Power, MI

Olin Clawson
Lawrenceburg Municipal Utilities, IN

Medium System Representatives
APPA members with between 5,000 and 30,000 customers

Tim Reed
Muscatine Power and Water, IA

Charles Bauschard*
Coldwater Board of Public Utilities, MI

Large System Representatives
APPA members with more than 30,000 customers

Ben Feliz
Clark Public Utilities, WA

Neil James*
Santee Cooper, SC

Joint Action Agency or State Association Representative
Mark Ennis
Alabama Municipal Electric Authority, AL

Reliability Representative
Troy Adams
Elk River Municipal Utilities, MN

Safety Representative
Aaron Haderle
Kissimmee Utility Authority, FL

System Improvement Representative
*open seat*

Human Resources Representatives
Charlotte Bradley
Hope Water and Light, AR

Mary Kay Villegas-Alitz
Independence Power & Light, MO

Safety Committee Officers

Duane Richardson
Indiana Municipal Electric Association, IN

Keith Cutshall
Clarksville Department of Electricity, TN

System Planning Committee Officers

Srinivasa Venigalla
Navajo Tribal Utility Authority, AZ

Ken Stone
Braintree Electric Light Department, MA

Transmission & Distribution Committee Officers

Nick Berger
Piqua Municipal Power System, OH

John VanGundy
City of Mesa, AZ

* denotes RP3 Executive Committee