We encourage you to implement the six ideas below to help your members learn how to best take advantage of DEED.

  1. Exhibit the DEED booth (tabletop display) at your conferences/events.
  2. Offer a DEED presentation at your conferences/events and we will arrange a speaker.
  3. Distribute DEED materials at your next conference.
  4. Run articles and ads about DEED in your newsletter and on your web site. This will remind your members about their DEED member benefits and upcoming deadlines. You may also inform them about interesting DEED projects and resources available to them. View this sample article from AMP.
  5. Link to the DEED program Web site, www.PublicPower.org/DEED, from your Web site.
  6. Use the DEED logo, when appropriate, on your flyers, Web site, etc.

If you wish to request any of the items above please email DEED@publicpower.org

Resources Available For Your Agency's Use

  1. DEED Program Brochure
  2. DEED PowerPoint Presentation – brief history of DEED program highlighting historically innovative projects funded through DEED program.
  3. DEED Applications – grant project applications for project funding.
  4. Current DEED Projects Flyer – a list of the grants and scholarship projects that were funded by the DEED program.
  5. Completed Projects Flyer – a list of the completed grants and scholarship projects that were funded by the DEED program.
  6. DEED Products Catalog – listing of products for sale through the APPA publications department that were developed as a result of DEED projects.  DEED members pay a discounted rate.
  7. DEED Digest – DEED program newsletter.
  8. DEED Logos – color logoblack & white logo.
  9. DEED Webinars - View our program webinars on How to Get the Most Out of Your DEED Membership (Presentation | Audio) and Tips when Applying for a DEED Grant (Presentation | Audio)