All publicly owned utilities, joint action agencies, state and regional associations, and federal service contracts that are members of APPA are eligible to join DEED. You can also review DEED's frequently asked questions.

Dues Categories and Calculations

Regular utility member dues are 20 percent of APPA invoiced dues with a $115 minimum and $11,500 maximum. 

Joint action agencies: Joint action agency dues covers the Agency and its APPA members for DEED membership. Dues are 20 percent of the combined total of all agency members’ APPA dues up to $20,000, plus an additional 10 percent on calculated dues over $20,000. Agencies paying DEED dues on behalf of their APPA members receive complimentary DEED dues.

State and regional associations can join the DEED program with full benefits for a flat fee of $275.

APPA members that are under the Federal Service Contract category can join DEED with full benefits for a flat fee of $2,500.