Utility Membership

Regular Utility Member Benefits
All APPA membership benefits extend to ALL member electric utility employees.  Some key benefits include:

  • Goverment Relations
    Insight into the legislative and regulatory issues impacting customer-owned electric systems.  APPA works closely with both Congress and federal agencies to make sure that public power's interests are represented when important decisions are made. Membership in APPA gives you an opportunity to participate in the policy formulation process.
  • Research
    Members-only access to APPA’s website, PublicPower.org, which contains hundreds of industry reports, whitepapers, statistical analysis, industry benchmark reports, and much more.
  • Electronic Forums
    Access to more than two dozen electronic forums on key utility functions, including accounting and finance, customer services, human resources, smart grid, transmission and distribution, and safety to name a few.
  • Media
    Access to the industry’s leading information resources, including:
    • Public Power magazine - The only national magazine published especially for policy-making and managerial personnel of local publicly owned electric systems, Public Power keeps readers abreast of policy developments, managerial techniques, new technologies, research and development, and legislative issues. Published bimonthly.
    • Public Power Daily – this daily electronic information resource provides hard-hitting, timely information on issues of national interest impacting public power.
    • Public Power Weekly – Delivered every Monday, this essential publication covers current events that affect local public power systems. With an emphasis on legislative, regulatory, judicial, political, and business developments, the newsletter also features association activities and a popular classified advertising.
  • Professional Development
    World class professional development and training opportunities via the APPA Academy – designed specifically for public power employees.
  • Member Discounts
    Ability to attend APPA events and purchase publications at a substantial discount.
  • Expertise
    Access to APPA staff experts in key electrical utility functional areas, including engineering, safety, reliability, smart grid, cyber security, energy policy, statistics, and much more.
  • Vendor Discounts
    Substantial discounts on products and service through Hometown Connections, APPA's subsidiary designed to provide a competitive advantage to public power systems. Hometown has exclusive agreements with many of the vendors you already use to give your utility access to better pricing than you could get on your own.

Regular utilities interested in joining APPA, request a dues quote.
To join APPA, complete the membership form applicable to your organization and submit it with first-year’s dues payment (costs indicated on the form).  Memberships are initiated on the first day of the month following receipt of membership application and payment.  Applications for the following membership categories can be found at the links below:

  • Regular Utility - applies to all public power utilities in the United States and its territories, including joint action agencies and electric cooperatives.  Contact Membership Department for dues amount.
  • State/Regional Association - for state, regional, and local associations in the United States and territories and Canada that have similar purposes to APPA.
  • Canadian Public Power Utility - for customer-owned electric utilities in Canada.
  • Private Energy - for wholesale and retail for-profit electric, gas or water utilities, including all departments, divisions, affiliates and subsidiaries.
  • International - for government-owned utilities and associations located outside of the United States and its territories and possessions, and Canada.
  • Government - for U.S. and Canadian cities and towns interested in forming a public power utility.
  • Federal Service Contracts - for power-related U.S. government agencies that want to extend APPA membership benefits to their employees.

APPA offers the following categories of regular membership:

Interested in joining APPA, but would like more information – listen to the "Discover the Value of APPA Membership" webinar or download the presentation.

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