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This group shares developments and acts as a forum to help public power utilities prepare for a new and changing era in how you provide electricity service to your customers. It addresses issues such as grid modernization, providing enhanced services to customers, distributed energy resources, new business partnerships with vendors and other third parties, retail rate design reform, and strategic planning to accomplish these changes.

Check out case studies on community solar and other DG-related projects from public power utilities across the country, including:

City of Ashland, Oregon
Austin Energy, Texas
Benton PUD, Washington
Cedar Falls Utility, Iowa
Chattanooga EPB, Tennessee
Clark Public Utilities, Washington
Colorado Springs Utilities, Colorado
Cowlitz PUD, Washington
CPS Energy, Texas
Delaware Municipal Electric Corporation
Glasgow Electric Plant Board, Kentucky
Imperial Irrigation District, California
Independence Power and Light, Missouri
Indiana Municipal Power Agency/Richland Power, Indiana
Johnson City Power Board, Tennessee
Logan City, Utah
Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, California
Lincoln Electric System, Nebraska
Mason County PUD, Washington
City of Newark, Delaware
Orlando Utilities Commission, Florida
Palo Alto, California
River Falls Municipal Utility, Wisconsin
Riverside Public Utilities, California
Salt River Project, Arizona
Seattle City Light, Washington
Sacramento Municipal Utility District, California
City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri
City of St. George, Utah

Email Jill Allen at if your utility has a project you would like to add to this database.


Rate Design for Distributed Generation
A look at rate design options for solar and other distributed generation (DG), using public power utility case studies. The report discusses how utilities have educated customers about new rates, and how DG and non-DG customers responded. While the rate design options have some drawbacks, and might not be technically feasible for all utilities, they offer the industry new models that account for the rate impacts of distributed generation.

Click here to download the full paper.

Distributed Generation: A Guidebook for Public Power Utilities
Distributed generation (DG) technologies are seen as potentially disruptive to the electric utility industry. There are, however, opportunities for public power utilities to prepare for DG impacts and participate in this growing market.

Click here to download the executive summary. To learn more, order Distributed Generation: A Guidebook for Public Power Utilities, prepared by Leidos Engineering for the American Public Power Association, at the APPA Product Store.


Solar Photovoltaic Power: Assessing the Benefits & Costs
Despite the growth, questions remain about the efficacy of solar PV as a power resource. Issues such as benefit-cost profile, the nature and magnitude of subsidies, impact on electric rates, and the degree of cost shifting among utility customers — all engender considerable debate.

Click here to download the full paper.

Distributed Generation: An Overview of Recent Policy and Market Developments
Distributed Generation: An Overview of Recent Policy and Market Developments examines the many challenges that distributed generation poses, as well as ways utilities can address these challenges and encourage DG development without unduly burdening other customers or adversely impacting utility operations and fiscal stability.

Click here to download the full paper.

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