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DEED program changes name, expands award potential

From the February 7, 2013 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published February 7, 2013

With a simple name change, APPA’s signature research, grant-making and educational program, known in the public power community as "DEED," can better reflect its scope and history. After 32 years as the Demonstration of Energy-Efficient Developments program, DEED in November 2012 became Demonstration of Energy & Efficiency Developments. 

"DEED funds a broad array of projects and its prior name implied we funded only energy-efficiency [projects]," said DEED Program Director Michele Suddleson.

Since its birth in 1980, DEED has awarded more than $10 million in funding — in the form of grants to public power utilities and scholarships to students — to support energy innovation that improves efficiencies or lowers costs. DEED’s membership has grown from 133 public power utilities to 742 members today. 

Projects in 2012 included testing the impacts of charging plug-in electric vehicles on the grid; assessing customers’ understanding of smart grid concepts and strengthening DEED’s role as an innovation platform by continuing its participation in DSTAR, a consortium of electric distributors that sponsor collaborative research and development on distribution. 

While the 2012 projects neared completion, DEED’s board of directors and several former board chairs addressed strategic planning and ultimately voted to change the program’s name. The APPA board of directors approved the change along with a new educational scholarship, modifications to how scholarships are awarded and an increase in the maximum amount of grant funds DEED can award to utility projects.

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