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Article looks at a day in the life of a plant operator

From the March 22, 2013 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published March 22, 2013

Pete Welty Jr. is the assistant superintendent of plant operations and interconnection at Easton Utilities, a town-owned integrated utility that provides electric service as well as water, wastewater, natural gas, Internet and cable TV. Like the utility, Welty does a little bit of everything.

The first task he tackles at work each day is reconciling the prior day’s paperwork. It’s one of a laundry list of Excel tasks Welty performs, a list that spans the length of his iPad screen, where he stores his "to-dos." 

On a Friday in February at Easton Utilities, Welty’s phone rang a handful of times. The office itself was eerily quiet, silent in Welty’s corner save for the hum of flickering fluorescent lights and his clicking through Excel documents. But it wasn’t always this way.

Much has changed for Welty during his 18 years with Easton Utilities. He started as an assistant operator—the bottom of the ladder. 

Now, as a manger, he works a nine-to-five schedule. With only two days to decompress from office life, Welty channels his energy creatively. He builds model speedboats, which he plans to race.

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