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Shel Ferdman, formerly of JEA and TEA, has died

From the April 22, 2013 issue of Public Power Daily

Originally published April 22, 2013

By Jeannine Anderson
Shel Ferdman, who was director of bulk power marketing for JEA in Jacksonville, Fla., in the 1990s and then helped launch The Energy Authority, died on April 9. He had leukemia. 

Sheldon R. Ferdman
Ferdman worked for JEA for 27 years, then worked for TEA for 15 years. For the last three years, he had worked as an energy consultant.

Ferdman "was an integral part of the creation of TEA," said The Energy Authority's President and CEO, Joanie C. Teofilo.

"Those who knew Shel remember his engaging smile, boundless optimism, outgoing personality, and significant contributions to public power," TEA said in atribute to Ferdman on its website. "As a member of TEA's original launch team, Shel played a significant role in the organization's early days. As TEA matured and grew, Shel was always a crucial part of its success."

In an archival video clip on TEA's website, Ferdman recalled the wholesale trading company's early days and being concerned that the trading partners it was hoping to do business with might not take TEA seriously. "We were successful almost immediately," he recounted, as TEA secured more than $200,000 in wholesale power transactions on the first day.

In the early days, Ferdman led the TEA trading floor and as it matured, "Shel worked in the marketing area and was instrumental in reaching out to public power utilities throughout the country," TEA said on its website.

"Shel was an inspiration to us all and will be missed," said Tim Blodgett, president and CEO of Hometown Connections, APPA's subsidiary.

Ferdman was born in Providence, R.I. He was a graduate of The University of Florida (1970) and University of North Florida (1984). Survivors include his wife of 24 years, Nancy, four children and five grandchildren.


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